Changelog of EvoPVP.eu
Oct 16 2016 We decided to change the date of start to 23.10 on 6:00 PM. Sorry...
Jan 12 2016 Server is gonna start on 16.10.2016 (Sunday) at 06:00 PM (GMT).

EvoPVP starts on next Sunday!    
After 9 months we decided to start with new Edition EvopPVP.eu on 23.10.2016 at 6:00 PM (GMT). We will return points which you bought on previous Edition - you just need to contact to us by e-mail: evopvp.eu@gmail.com If you decide to play on EvoPVP, you need to prepare you for the greatest OT adventure of your life :-) The server uses a completely custom Evolution Map for 8.6 prefix.

  • Uptime 24/7
  • Offline Training
  • PvP World
  • Custom Addon Bonus system
  • New Autostack has been added
  • The attack/follow cancel attack is working
  • Bots and other software easing your game are allowed
  • Balanced vocations
  • Real guild war system
  • Raid system and Boss spawns
  • All Monsters with their respective loot

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