Changelog of EvoPVP.eu
May 15 2016 Server will be online after we are done with innstallation new sy...
Apr 18 2016 As recompansation we have added EXP x2 to the Wednesday 11:59 PM ...
Apr 18 2016 We have added new Quest Ten Bosses for players with the third pro...
Apr 13 2016 It has been repaired showing attributes and names of items on the...
Mar 28 2016 Super Profession Statue from now works! It gives the third promot...

What's new?    

Last night we have added some new things to EvoPVP:

  • it has been added Fibula Quest for players with level 6k,
  • we have added also The Russian Roulette Quest for players with 7k level,
  • we have removed all the bugs reported by players,
  • Super Paralyze Rune works from now without any doubts.

Written by: JeremyG | Sent: 2016-03-22 12:40:54 | Forum

February Update    

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Today in the evening we have introduced an update. We have added:

  • new Quest (Ferumbian) for players with at least 7k level in Arcadia's zone,
  • it has been removed a little mistake with putting items on sqm,
  • name of tasks will be visible from now in singular,
  • it has been added new item: Outfit Doll, which is the reward from Ferumbian Quest,
  • Demon Stone is now available to buy from SMS Shop (except from monsters),
  • we have repaired little mistakes on the map. 

Written by: Sylasie | Sent: 2016-02-13 23:13:30 | Forum

EvoPVP starts on next Friday!    
After 5 months with hard work we have decided to open our server EvoPVP on 22.01.2016 at 6:00 PM (GMT). If you decide to play on EvoPVP, you need to prepare you for the greatest OT adventure of your life :-) The server uses a completely custom Evolution Map for 8.6 prefix.

  • Uptime 24/7
  • Offline Training
  • PvP World
  • Custom Addon Bonus system
  • New Autostack has been added
  • The attack/follow cancel attack is working
  • Bots and other software easing your game are allowed
  • Balanced vocations
  • Real guild war system
  • Raid system and Boss spawns
  • All Monsters with their respective loot

  • Written by: JeremyG | Sent: 2016-01-12 15:58:35 | Forum

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